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Farm name: Zhejiang Huinong Ecological Farm
Generator type: NPT biogas generator set
Installation capacity: 80 kW

No. of units and engine type: 1 x NW97D9
Fuel: Biogas
Electrical output: 80 kW
Thermal output: 118 kW
Commissioning: 2010

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Main Products
  • 20kW Oilfield Gas GeneratorOur 20kW oilfield gas generator with integral structure has a maximum heat consumption of 12 MJ/kWh, and an engine available with four cylinders. The machine utilizes Germany MBH alternator with IP23 protection class and H level insulation class. In addition, the 50Hz machine configured with XN184F alternator has a high working efficiency of 86.2%...
  • 120kW Biogas GeneratorThe 120kW biogas generator is available with low sound level of 75 dB, so it can offer users environmentally friendly power. In addition, the compact design enables the product to be used in a confined space. Moreover, the genset provides low gas consumption of 10.6 MJ/kWh and extended overhaul interval. The first major overhaul is made after 25,000 hours of operation.