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  • Natural Gas Generator Set 10kW-20kWThe natural gas generator set 10kW-20kW is designed, manufactured and assembled by our company. To ensure only qualified product reach our customers, we conduct strict tests on the gas generator set before delivery. Now our genset is reliable and widely used for residential and industrial applications in China and overseas market.
  • Natural Gas Generator (Steyr) 80kWThe natural gas generator 80kW is equipped with NW series engine which is made based on original Steyr engine. This engine is a high speed, inline, four stroke, water cooled, spark ignition gas engine. With an improved combustion chamber and gas fuel system, it is known for its reliable and economical performance, low emission and noise, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
  • Natural Gas Generator (Deutz) 30kW-600kWThe natural gas generator is designed to last 20 years, and the first major overhaul is made after 25000 hours of operation.
    The cogeneration efficiency is over 80 %.
    Due to the low gas and oil consumption, the generator enables users to save on operating cost.
  • Natural Gas Genset (Man) 550kW-1000kW The natural gas genset is equipped with NM1018D86TL supercharged, water cooled, four stroke gas engine which is based on MAN 20/27 V12-TYPE engine. The combustion system and gas fuel system are improved with cutting edge technology. In addition, mature Woodward EGS-02 control system is utilized to control the gas engine.
  • Biogas Generator Set 10KW-30KWHere we mainly introduce our biogas generator sets with rated power of 10 kW and 30 kW. These products are equipped with an inline, four stroke engine. The electronic control ignition system ensures accurate ignition timing. In addition, the specially designed combustion chamber leads to more efficient combustion, which helps reduce fuel consumption and improve engine thermal efficiency.
  • Biogas Generator (Steyr) 80kWThe 80kW biogas generator is compactly designed and robustly constructed in compliance with CE, ISO9001 standards. It is equipped with a high speed, inline, four stroke, water cooled, spark ignition gas engine that is based on original Steyr engine. The combustion chamber and gas fuel system are greatly improved using new technology.
  • Biogas Generator (Deutz) 30kW-550kWIn addition to reliable engine, our biogas generator also uses quality control module from Smartgen and alternator from Germany MBH. The alternator offers a high efficiency of 87.0 % and can withstand harsh environments due to IP23 enclosure protection.
  • Biogas Genset 50KW-60KWOur genset is equipped with a high speed, inline, four stroke, water cooled, spark ignition gas engine. This engine is fuel efficient, simple to operate and convenient to maintain. The alternator used is acquired from Germany MBH Company.
  • LPG Generator 10kW-20kWThe LPG generator is designed, assembled, tested, and approved to be qualified by our company. It includes two products with a rated power of 10KW and 20KW respectively. Both of them can run 15,000hrs before the first major overhaul. In addition, the gas consumption is 12.3MJ/kWh for the 10KW one and 12MJ/kWh for the 20KW one. Besides, the noise level with canopy is 65dB and 68dB respectively.
  • LPG Generator 80kW-150kW ( Steyr )Our LPG generator 80kW-150kW ( Steyr ) adopts NW series engine which is developed based on original Steyr engine and comes with improved combustion chamber and gas fuel system. The high speed, 4-stroke, water-cooled, in line and spark ignite gas engine also has simple and reliable operation, high economical and technical performance, low emission and noise, as well as convenient maintenance.
  • LPG Generator Set 30kW-60kW (Deutz)Our LPG generator set 30kW-60kW (Deutz) takes advantage of ND series engine which is developed according to Deutz engine. The engine adopts new technology for the combustion chamber and lean burn control system, making it the ideal device used to provide energy for the generator set.
  • 10kW Coal Bed Gas GeneratorThe 10kW coal bed gas generator is designed with integral structure and has a net weight of 295kg. Although the frequency may be different, the rated power is just the same. It adopts AVR brushless excitation mode and its maximum heat consumption is 12.3MJ/kW.h. In addition, this machine uses the 4-stroke in-line engine, which has a rated of 13kw, as well as three cylinders.
  • 20kW Coal Bed Gas GeneratorOur 20kW coal bed gas generator has a slightly larger overall dimension than the 10kw machine, with the length of 2000mm, width of 1000mm and height of 1100mm. It makes use of the NQ25D2.5 engine which is fueled by oil field gas or coal bed gas, as well as provided with four cylinders, a rated speed of 1500r/min, and electronic speed control mode.
  • 10kW Oilfield Gas GeneratorThe 10kW Oilfield Gas Generator has a rated frequency of 50Hz and 60Hz for option, and a rated power of 10kw. The engine used in this machine is characterized by in-line, four-stroke, and 3-cylinder. Working in the electronic speed regulation mode, the engine achieves the speed of 1500r/min or 1800r/min under the rated power of 13kW.
  • 20kW Oilfield Gas GeneratorOur 20kW oilfield gas generator with integral structure has a maximum heat consumption of 12 MJ/kWh, and an engine available with four cylinders. The machine utilizes Germany MBH alternator with IP23 protection class and H level insulation class. In addition, the 50Hz machine configured with XN184F alternator has a high working efficiency of 86.2%...
  • Biomass GeneratorOur biomass generator adopts NM series engine, using advanced internal combustion technology, such as modified combustion system, gas fuel system, etc. This series of engine also adopts sophisticated Woodward IG920 high-energy ignition integrated circuit digital control system and Woodward EGS02 lean burn system.
  • Gas Generator 10kW-20kWOur gas generator with a rated power of 10kW and 20kW is a qualified product provided by China NPT company. It is fully developed, assembled, and tested by our specific staffs, so that the client can feel peace of mind in using it. In addition, the machine uses very famous and advanced gas engine, making it suitable for both residential and industrial use and popular among customers both at home and abroad.
  • Gas Generator (Steyr) 80kWOur Gas Generator (Steyr) 80kW designed with compact structure adopts the AVR brushless excitation or brushless excitation with AVR. This machine is provided with NW97D9 engine, which is developed on the basis of original Steyr engine. The engine uses natural gas with the methane content of over 86.3% as fuel, resulting in a maximum heat consumption of 11MJ/kW.h.
  • Gas Generator Set (Deutz) 30kW-600kWThe gas generator set (Deutz) 30kW-600kW includes four products with the rated power of 30kW, 120kW, 300 kW and 600kW. All of them make full use of the ND series engine, which is developed in accordance with Deutz engine. Utilizing new technology for combustion chamber and lean burn control system, this series of engine enjoys multiple advantages ...
  • Gas Generator (MAN) 550kW-1000kWThis gas generator also uses high quality alternator and many other optional devices, such as combined heat and power (CHP) device, combined cooling heating and power (CCHP) device, soundproof enclosure, automatic synchronizing panel, etc. Multi sets of the equipment can run in parallel to easily provide large power, with all of them controlled by a single control module.
  • Gas Generator Set 60kWOur 60kW gas generator is a piece of clean and environmentally friendly equipment with reliable quality. The machine uses the alternator with the protection rating of IP23 and working efficiency of 88.9%. What's more, it also adopts six-cylinder engine which is rated at 71kw, using over 55% methane content of biogas as fuel.
  • Gas engine L4 (Deutz) Model: ND42D3.6
    Rated power (kW) *①: 36
    Rated speed (r/min): 1500/1800
    Quantity of gas cylinder: 4
  • Gas engine V6 (Deutz) Model: ND119D22TL
    Rated power (kW) *①: 220
    Rated speed (r/min): 1500/1800
    Quantity of gas cylinder: 6
  • Gas engine V8 (Deutz) Model: ND159D32TL
    Rated power (kW) *①: 320
    Rated speed (r/min): 1500/1800
    Quantity of gas cylinder: 8
  • Gas Engine L6 (Steyr) Model: NW97D9
    Rated power (kW) *①: 90
    Rated speed (r/min): 1500/1800
    Quantity of gas cylinder: 6
  • Gas engine L6 (Deutz) Model: ND68D6.8
    Rated power (kW) *①: 68
    Rated speed (r/min): 1500/1800
    Quantity of gas cylinder: 6
  • Gas Power StationThe gas power station takes advantage of the NM1018D86TL engine, providing a rated power of 860kW and a rated speed of 1000r/min. It also adopts the famous and reliable alternator from Siemens. A piece of equipment has a continuous power of 800kW, and multiple sets can be used together for large power through the control of one single control module.

NPT is an experienced gas engine and gas generator manufacturer in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including biogas generator, natural gas generator, LPG generator, coalbed gas generator, and more.