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Main Products
  • 260kW Natural Gas GeneratorThe 260kW natural gas generator is equipped with an eight cylinder engine, which adopts lean burn technology for reduced NOx emissions and more efficient combustion. The genset features compact design. Containing a canopy, it is 4400 mm long, 2200 mm wide and 2100 mm tall. The sound level is 75 dB. This makes the generator suitable for use in places where noise is unwanted.
  • Biomass GeneratorOur biomass generator adopts NM series engine, using advanced internal combustion technology, such as modified combustion system, gas fuel system, etc. This series of engine also adopts sophisticated Woodward IG920 high-energy ignition integrated circuit digital control system and Woodward EGS02 lean burn system.
  • 20kW Oilfield Gas GeneratorOur 20kW oilfield gas generator with integral structure has a maximum heat consumption of 12 MJ/kWh, and an engine available with four cylinders. The machine utilizes Germany MBH alternator with IP23 protection class and H level insulation class. In addition, the 50Hz machine configured with XN184F alternator has a high working efficiency of 86.2%...