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Items Patent Name Patent No. Patent Holder
1 Biogas generator set air/fuel inlet integrated system 201020548851.7 NPT
2 Gas generator set integrated control system 201020548831.X NPT
3 Generator set waste heat utilization system 201020548780.0 NPT
4 Gas generator set exhaust heat utilization system 201020548858.9 NPT
5 Gas generator set jacket water heat utilization system 201020548835.8 NPT
6 Biogas generator set safety running control system 201020548821.6 NPT
7 Container type gas generator set shift system 201120234706.6 NPT
8 Container type gas generator set ventilation system 201120234643.4 NPT
9 Gas engine with lean burn technology 201120234661.2 NPT
10 Container type gas generator set with CHP 201120234653.8 NPT
11 Container type gas generator set automatic shutdown and power supply switch system 201120234682.4 NPT
12 Container type gas generator set automatic oil filling system 201120234691.3 NPT

NPT is a professional gas engine and gas generator manufacturer in China. The wide range of products we offer includes natural gas generator, biogas generator, LPG generator, electric generator, and more.

Main Products
  • 20kW Coal Bed Gas GeneratorOur 20kW coal bed gas generator has a slightly larger overall dimension than the 10kw machine, with the length of 2000mm, width of 1000mm and height of 1100mm. It makes use of the NQ25D2.5 engine which is fueled by oil field gas or coal bed gas, as well as provided with four cylinders, a rated speed of 1500r/min, and electronic speed control mode.
  • 260kW Natural Gas GeneratorThe 260kW natural gas generator is equipped with an eight cylinder engine, which adopts lean burn technology for reduced NOx emissions and more efficient combustion. The genset features compact design. Containing a canopy, it is 4400 mm long, 2200 mm wide and 2100 mm tall. The sound level is 75 dB. This makes the generator suitable for use in places where noise is unwanted.