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The gas power station takes advantage of the NM1018D86TL engine, providing a rated power of 860kW and a rated speed of 1000r/min. It also adopts the famous and reliable alternator from Siemens. A piece of equipment has a continuous power of 800kW, and multiple sets can be used together for large power through the control of one single control module. Generally speaking, the electric efficiency of the machine is high, while the noise level, gas consumption and operation cost are all low.

This gas power station has a variety of functions. For example, the equipment can be well monitored through the display of various operation parameters, such as rotational speed, power factor, water temperature, oil pressure, running time, etc. It can also be well protected through the alarm system when any failure appears such as high water temperature, low oil pressure, double over-speed. In addition, the machine is available with multiple optional devices, including the soundproof enclosure, automatic synchronizing panel vice, emergency cooling system, etc. By the way, customized design can be offered.

Technical Parameters
Genset Model 800GFT
Structure Individual
Exciting method AVR Brushless or Brushless Excitation with AVR
Continuous Power (kW) 800
Rated Current ( A ) 1443
Rated Voltage ( V ) 400
Rated Frequency ( HZ ) 50
Rated Power Factor 0.8 LAG
Engine Model NM1018D86TL (MAN 20/27)
Type In line, 4 strokes, electric control ignition, turbocharged after cooled and lean burn, Woodward EGS-02 control system
Cylinder number 12
Bore x stroke (mm) 200x270
Total displacement (L) 101.8
Compression Ratio 10.7
Rated Power (kW) 860
CHP recovery heat power (kW) 1112
Rated Speed (r/min) 1000
Speed Regulation Mode Electrical
Starting Mode Started by air
Fuel Natural gas ( CH4 ≥ 86.3% , calculate heat value 38MJ/Nm3 )
MAX Heat Consumption (MJ/kWh) 9.9
Alternator Brand Siemens
Model IFC6 502-6
Power(kW) 800kW
Frequency(HZ) 50
Efficiency 93.8 %
First major overhaul time (hours) 25,000
Overall dimension for genset (LxWxH )(mm) 7500*2500*3200
Net weight for genset (kg) 19500

After Sale Service and Warranty
1. 1500 running hours or 1 year (whichever comes first) covering all manufacturing defects
2. Technician support : we will send technician for installation, commissioning and train your technician in NPT headquarter if need.
3. One year maintenance for spare parts
4. Operation and maintenance manual (English version)

As a China-based gas power station manufacturer and supplier, NPT offers a broad range of products that includes internal combustion engine, coalbed gas generator, oilfield gas generator, biomass generator, gas generator, and more.

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