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Gas engine V8 (Deutz) Gas engine V8 (Deutz) Gas engine V8 (Deutz) Gas engine V8 (Deutz) Gas engine V8 (Deutz)
Technical Parameters
S/N Model Items ND159D32TL
1 Rated power (kW) *① 320
2 Rated speed (r/min) 1500/1800
3 Quantity of gas cylinder 8
4 Type 4-stroke, water cooling, V-type
5 Bore / stroke (mm) 132/145
6 Total displacement (L) 15.9
7 Mean piston speed (m/s) 7.25/8.7
8 Compression ratio 11.5
9 Max. explosion pressure (MPa) ≤9
10 Air intake type Supercharging intercooling
11 Mean effective pressure (MPa) 1.61/1.34
12 Valve clearance (cold state) (mm) Inlet valve: 0.25, exhaust valve: 0.3
13 Valve timing Inlet valve opens: 24.5º before TDC; Inlet valve closes: 38.5º after BDC Exhaust valve opens: 57º before BDC Exhaust valve closes: 25º after TDC
14 Included angle between two banks 90º
15 Starting method Electric
16 Firing order A1-B4-A4-B1-B3-A3-B2-A2 1-8-4-5-7-3-6-2
17 Wet lube oil sump capacity (L) 50
18 Cooling method Water cooling
19 Lube oil pressure (MPa) 0.50~0.70
20 Rotation direction of crankshaft Counterclockwise (View From Flywheel)
21 Exhaust temperature, ℃ Manifold pipe: ≤560 Main pipe: ≤580
22 Gas type Coal-bed gas(Methane gas)、Biogas、Natural gas
23 Lube oil type 15W40-CF Or Shell CD-0480 special lube oil for gas engine
24 Specific fuel consumption (MJ/kW.h) ≤10.1MJ/kW.h (pipeline natural gas)
25 Specific lube oil consumption (g/kW.h) ≤0.8
26 Advanced angle of gas ignition system (crank angle) 21º
27 Volume of cooling water in gas cylinder (L) 21
28 Capacity of expansion tank (L) 63
29 Net weight (kg) 1060
Note: *① Rated output is subject to the standard conditions (GB/T 6072.1-2000) of 100kPa atmospheric pressure, 25℃ ambient temperature, 25℃ charge water temperature in intercooler. If the actual condition differs from the standard one, it should be revised.

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