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Our gas generator utilizes NQ, NW, ND, NM, and NR series gas engines, which are fueled by clean and green biogas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and so on. This equipment is simple to operate through the operation panel, which is composed of Smartgen HGM6320 control module and LCD display. Additionally, the English user interface can be universal worldwide.

Equipped with famous engine and alternator, the machine can achieve stable operation and high working efficiency. What's more, it provides high security as it has been ISO9001 and CE approved. By the way, the first overhaul can be arranged after 15,000 hours of operation for the 20kW and 60kW gas generators, and 25,000 hours for the rest ones.

As a professional gas generator manufacturer in China, we provide not only gas generator, but also biomass generator, power generator, LPG generator, and natural gas generator, among others.

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  • Gas engine L4 (Deutz) Model: ND42D3.6
    Rated power (kW) *①: 36
    Rated speed (r/min): 1500/1800
    Quantity of gas cylinder: 4
  • Gas engine V6 (Deutz) Model: ND119D22TL
    Rated power (kW) *①: 220
    Rated speed (r/min): 1500/1800
    Quantity of gas cylinder: 6
  • Gas engine V8 (Deutz) Model: ND159D32TL
    Rated power (kW) *①: 320
    Rated speed (r/min): 1500/1800
    Quantity of gas cylinder: 8