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Coal bed gas generator

Our coal bed gas generator uses coal bed methane (CBM) to generate electricity, as the CBM is a kind of green energy and has high value of utilization. It can protect the environment and improve the safety of power generation in coal mine. Both our 10kw and 20kw generator sets have passed ISO9001 and CE certification, which ensures reliable quality. With a rated frequency of 50Hz and 60Hz, they can run for 15,000 hours to first overhaul.

The 10kw and 20kw coal bed gas generator use Germany MBH alternator that has a protection grade of IP23. The control panel is configured with LCD display and the operating language is English, so that the machine can be used worldwide. In addition, the noise level of our 10kW generator with canopy is 65dB, while 68dB for the 20kW one. Because of low noise, the machine has small impact on the surrounding environment. By the way, the gas consumption of the 20kW one is 12MJ/kWh.

As a China-based coalbed gas generator manufacturer and supplier, NPT also offers internal combustion engine, 20kW oilfield gas generator, biomass generator, and gas generator, among others.

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