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The LPG generator uses liquefied petroleum gas as the fuel. The LPG is a light hydrocarbon which comes in the gaseous state under normal temperature and pressure and appears in the liquid state under the conditions of pressure and cooling. The main component of LPG is propane and butane. In general, the generator equipped with the NQ series engine has a rated power of 10KW and 20KW, and 80KW for the NW series, as well as 30KW, 60KW and 120KW for the ND series. All these products are ISO9001 and CE certified, so that customers can feel secure in using them.

Our liquefied petroleum gas generator adopts LCD display as the control panel and Smartgen HGM6320 as the control module. This facilitates operation for the users. In addition, it utilizes high performance engine which is provided by well-known manufacturers. With compact structure and high degree of mechanization, the generator set is an ideal product in the crude oil industry.

NPT is a LPG generator manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including coalbed gas generator, methane generator, natural gas generator set 10kW-20kW, LPG generator 80kW-150kW ( Steyr ), and more.

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  • 10kW Coal Bed Gas GeneratorThe 10kW coal bed gas generator is designed with integral structure and has a net weight of 295kg. Although the frequency may be different, the rated power is just the same. It adopts AVR brushless excitation mode and its maximum heat consumption is 12.3MJ/kW.h. In addition, this machine uses the 4-stroke in-line engine, which has a rated of 13kw, as well as three cylinders.
  • 20kW Coal Bed Gas GeneratorOur 20kW coal bed gas generator has a slightly larger overall dimension than the 10kw machine, with the length of 2000mm, width of 1000mm and height of 1100mm. It makes use of the NQ25D2.5 engine which is fueled by oil field gas or coal bed gas, as well as provided with four cylinders, a rated speed of 1500r/min, and electronic speed control mode.