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LPG Generator 10kW-20kW

The LPG generator is designed, assembled, tested, and approved to be qualified by our company. It includes two products with a rated power of 10KW and 20KW respectively. Both of them can run 15,000hrs before the first major overhaul. In addition, the gas consumption is 12.3MJ/kWh for the 10KW one and 12MJ/kWh for the 20KW one. Besides, the noise level with canopy is 65dB and 68dB respectively.

Our LPG generator features easy start, rapid working response and high sensitivity. The control system adopts LCD display, and comes with the function of the measurement, protection, control, and so on. As the display is capable of showing various parameters of the engine, the users can better understand the operation of the machine. Currently, the machine for both residential and industrial use sells well in domestic and overseas market.

As an experienced LPG generator 10kW-20kW manufacturer and supplier in China, NPT provides a wide range of products that includes LPG generator 80kW-150kW ( Steyr ), electricity generation device, 20kW coal bed gas generator, and more.

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