Biogas Generator (Deutz) 30kW-550kW

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Biogas Generator (Deutz) 30kW-550kW

Whether you require a 30 kW, 60 kW, 120 kW or 150kW biogas generator, our company has the right product for your needs. Our biogas gensets are equipped with ND series engines which are based on Deutz engine. The combustion chamber and lean burn control system are improved using new technology, which makes combustion more efficient and improves fuel efficiency. With compact structure, reliable running, easy operation and good economical performance, the ND series engines are ideal for land use gensetor sets.

In addition to reliable engine, our biogas generator also uses quality control module from Smartgen and alternator from Germany MBH. The alternator offers a high efficiency of 87.0 % and can withstand harsh environments due to IP23 enclosure protection.

As a professional biogas generator (Deutz) 30kW-550kW manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer biogas genset 20kW-60kW, gas power station, 20kW oilfield gas generator, methane generator, and much more.

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