Biogas Generator (Steyr) 80kW

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Biogas Generator (Steyr) 80kW

The 80kW biogas generator is compactly designed and robustly constructed in compliance with CE, ISO9001 standards. It is equipped with a high speed, inline, four stroke, water cooled, spark ignition gas engine that is based on original Steyr engine. The combustion chamber and gas fuel system are greatly improved using new technology. The engine offers many advantages, like reliable and economical performance, low emission and noise, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The quality built engine, coupled with Smartgen control module and MBH alternator, contributes to the reliability and performance of our biogas genset.

1) Rated power: 80 kW
2) ISO9001, CE certification
3) Gas consumption: 11 MJ/kWh
4) First major overhaul: 25,000 hrs

Main Technical Parameters
Biogas generator general model 80GFT
Structure integral
Exciting method AVR brushless or brushless excitation with AVR
Rated power (KVA/kW) 100 / 80
Rated current (A) 131
Rated voltage (V) 440
Rated frequency (Hz) 60
Rated power factor 0.8 LAG
Overall dimension (L x W x H)(mm) 3150*1000*1750
Net weight (kg) 1980
Engine Model NW97D9 (Steyr)
Type In line, 4 strokes, electric control ignition, pre-mixed stoichiometric burn
Cylinder number 6
Bore x Stroke (mm) 126*130
Total displacement (L) 9.73
Compression ratio 11.5
Rated Power (kW) 90
CHP recovery heat power (kW) 118
Rated speed (r/min) 1800
Fuel Biogas (CH4 ≥ 55%, calculate heat value 23MJ/Nm3 )
Inlet gas pressure 1.2-1.8 kPa (120-180mm H2O) before the mixer
Max heat consumption (MJ/kW.h) 11
Control panel NPT Brand100KZY LCD display
Control module Smartgen HGM6320
Alternator Model XN224G
Brand MBH(Germany)
Shaft Single bearing
Rated power (kW) 80
Rating (KVA) 100
Enclosure protection IP23
Efficiency (%) 90.6

NPT is an experienced biogas generator (Steyr) 80kW manufacturer in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including biogas generator (Deutz) 30kW-550kW, power generator, biomass generator, gas engine, and more.

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