Gas Generator, Gas Engine Manufacturer

Weifang Naipute Gas Genset Company is a professional gas generator manufacturer in China. The range of products we offer includes natural gas generator, biogas generator, LPG generator, biomass generator, oilfield gas generator, and more. Our products are designed to supply customers with both prime power and standby power. Complete with new assembly and test lines, our NQ, NK, NR, NW, ND, and NM series gas engines have been mass produced and incorporated into gas generator sets. Engineered for low noise and vibration, these devices are easy to start and offer reliable performance. Our gas gensets have received favorable feedback from both domestic and overseas markets.
  • 200kW CT6 Natural Gas Generator
  • 200kW CT6 Natural Gas GeneratorUsing English as the operation language, it can be easily operated by customers around the world. In addition, the IP23 enclosure protection enables ...
  • 20kW Coal Bed Gas Generator
  • 20kW Coal Bed Gas GeneratorOur 20kW coal bed gas generator has a slightly larger overall dimension than the 10kw machine, with the length of 2000mm, width of 1000mm and height of 1100mm.
  • 260kW Natural Gas Generator
  • 260kW Natural Gas GeneratorThe sound level is 75 dB. This makes the generator suitable for use in places where noise is unwanted. The first major overhaul of the product will be ...
  • 20kW Oilfield Gas Generator
  • 20kW Oilfield Gas GeneratorOur 20kW oilfield gas generator with integral structure has a maximum heat consumption of 12 MJ/kWh, and an engine available with four cylinders.
  • 120kW Biogas Generator
  • 120kW Biogas GeneratorThe 120kW biogas generator is available with low sound level of 75 dB, so it can offer users environmentally friendly power. In addition, the compact design ...
  • Biomass Generator
  • Biomass GeneratorOur biomass generator adopts NM series engine, using advanced internal combustion technology, such as modified combustion system, gas fuel system, etc.
  • Gas engine V8 (Deutz)
  • Gas engine V8 (Deutz)Model: ND159D32TL
    Rated power (kW) *①: 320
    Rated speed (r/min): 1500/1800
    Quantity of gas cylinder: 8
    Type: 4-stroke, water cooling, V-type